Guerrilla ambuscades left Masbate Police Mobile Group casualties

Five government forces were wounded and two were killed in a series of offensives launched by the New People’s Army – Jose Rapsing Command (NPA-JRC) in Masbate. NPA-JRC is the provincial command of the NPA in Masbate.

On October 31, the NPA successfully ambushed a platoon composed of the San Pascual police and the Regional Mobile Group (RMG) conducting combat operations in Barangay San Pedro, San Pascual town. Killed in the offensive were Inspector Franco Andes of the RMG and Police Officer 1 (PO1) Hernani Enriquez of the San Pascual Police. Wounded were PO1 Allan Villamor and PO1 Hermogenes Laurio Jr. The NPA confiscated one M-16 rifle, ammunition, and a cellphone.Two days earlier, the people’s army ambushed elements of the 50th Provincial Police Mobile Group in Barangay Liong, Cataingan town. Wounded in the ambush were PO3 Abonita, PO3 Legazpi, and PO1 Elmer Ngoho.

“These series of tactical offensives aims to frustrate the Macapagal-Arroyo regime’s Oplan Bantay Laya 2” said Ka Greg Bañares, spokesperson of the National Democratic Front – Bicol. Oplan Bantay Laya 2 is the regime’s bloody military campaign.

Also in the month of October, the NPA’s Nerissa San Juan Command (NPA-NSJC) in Catanduanes and Armando Catapia Command (NPA-ACC) in Camarines Norte conducted successful tactical offensives against the regime’s forces in the Bicol Region.

A swift and well planned punitive action against the El Dore Mining Corporation in Labo, Camarines Norte was carried out by the NPA-ACC and a series of clever guerrilla offensives was waged against the 65th Infantry Battalion of the Philippine Army (65th IB PA) in Catanduanes. The punitive action paralyzed the mining operation of El Dore, the second foreign mining company in the region halted by the people’s army for its wanton destruction of the environment and people’s livelihood. The Catanduanes tactical offensives resulted in nine soldiers of the 65th IB PA killed and 13 wounded.

Under the leadership of the Communist Party of the Philippines the people and the NPA has been waging a national democratic revolution with a socialist perspective for almost four decades. Since its founding in March 29, 1969 the NPA’s protracted people’s war has always been successful against military campaigns of past and present regimes. These military campaigns dubbed Operating Plans (Oplan) have served only to strengthen the people’s resolve to wage a protracted war against the rotten system. ISNAYP


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